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Red Cross Responds to Logan County Wildfire

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They all come up and tell you thank you so much

She offers Gatorade with a grin and nearly begs you to take the hydrating liquid. If you’re a firefighter coming in off the frontlines of the Guthrie wildfires then Eva Vasquez, a Red Cross volunteer, is your best friend.

She’s been on the job feeding and hydrating first responders since eight in the morning and will stay all day- as long as it takes. For her it’s about paying it back. “Back in the 80’s I was in a flood in Guthrie and the Red Cross helped me tremendously,” Eva stated. She says the Red Cross paid for partial rent and helped with food. “We lost everything… we were cleaning the house and trying to get it ready to move back in and some lady came up and offered us some food. I’m like- we haven’t eaten yet. It was a Red Cross volunteer and it just hit me so deeply that I was like, I want to do that. Someday, I’m going to do that.”

She joined the Red Cross after raising her kids and no matter how hot the fire she serves relief with a smile. “They all come up and tell you thank you so much,” she told us of her experience in Guthrie. “When someone comes up and tells you that- it’s just the best feeling ever.”

Stories like Eva’s are have played out across Oklahoma. Wildfires have been battled in Altus, Pawnee County, Stillwater, Woodward County and Logan County over the past several days.
The Red Cross is there with food, water and shelter for the displaced families.