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Health and Safety Courses Save Lives

Red Cross Bloomsburg CPR Course Saves Lives
Kathleen explained that she hoped to learn the skills to save someone's life.

Everyday, people are faced with emergency situations where the first few seconds of reaction are crucial. There is no better way to prepare for these situations than becoming “Red Cross Ready.” The Red Cross offers numerous Health and Safety courses across the region. One popular course, CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers, allows participants the opportunity to learn vital breathing and cardiac techniques that can be instrumental in saving a life.

Recently, the Bloomsburg Chapter offered the CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers course. Instructor Rob Burnside, a retired firefighter and paramedic, brought his own knowledge and experience to help personalize the instruction for participants. Rob has been an instructor for the past 20 years and commented, “I became interested in working for the Red Cross when I saw an increased need for more public training.”

The course included videos and powerpoint presentations and participants put their newly learned skills to work through practicing CPR, AED, and choking skills on both infant and adult mannequins. The mannequins provided the participants with realistic practice while also creating the opportunity to work with other class members throughout the day.

Class participants came from a wide variety of backgrounds, including students from Bloomsburg University, nurses and police officers. One B.U. student, Nursing major, Kathleen Fulton, was required to take the course for an upcoming internship with Geisinger Medical Center. Kathleen explained that she hoped to learn the skills “to to save save someone’s life.”

This course was a worthwhile endeavor for all who participated. Each registrant left the six-hour course with a certification in CPR/AED that will be active for two years. Regardless of the course, signing up for a class will help you gain knowledge that can be of aid in numerous emergency situations, ultimately making you “Red Cross Ready.”