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NEPA Bids Farewell to Chapter Executive Director

Red Cross disaster response and preparedness
We greatly appreciate the significant contributions that Jim has made.

The American Red Cross Northeast PA Region announces the retirement of Jim Rienhardt, Executive Director of the Poconos & Wayne/Pike Chapters, a position he has held since August 2010. Rienhardt is set to retire on December 31, 2013.

When Rienhardt signed on as Executive Director, he developed a road map to enhance delivery of disaster services, broaden educational outreach and increase revenue. Three and a half years later, Rienhardt is proud of what he and his dedicated team have accomplished. Disaster teams continue to deliver exceptional Red Cross services to the individuals and families of both the Poconos and Wayne Pike communities. Through partnerships with local agencies, Emergency Preparedness educational trainings geared towards youth and seniors, were developed and implemented. New Board members were recruited, which helped to expand our reach throughout the Poconos and Wayne Pike communities. This achievement has resulted in an increase in event sponsorships and donors, as well as enhanced awareness of the Red Cross Mission.

Peter M. Brown, Executive CEO said, “We greatly appreciate the significant contributions that Jim has made. His leadership, experience and dedication for fulfilling the mission of the Red Cross have been an invaluable asset and we thank him for a job well done.”

Rienhardt previously served as CEO of Pocono Environmental Education Center in Pike County for 8 years. He also worked for the National Park Service for 28 years in multiple senior management positions.

Rienhardt said, “I have been fortunate to have a team of staff, Board members, community leaders, elected official and volunteers – all who believe in and assist in the delivery of our Red Cross Mission.” He continued, “What makes our Counties so special is neighbors helping neighbors for the good of helping those in need; volunteers of all ages who work tirelessly; and private/public sector working as partners to enrich the quality of living for all those living in our 3 counties.”

Rienhardt said he and Carol plan to travel to Florida, visit more National Parks throughout the country and spend more time with both of their sons’ families. He also will be doing private part-time Government/Community Relations & Marketing consulting.