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Local Red Cross Supports Flag Day Activities

SEPA News Item 6/28/14
Participating in Flag Day was a great opportunity to get together as a community and show our support to our service members, past and present.

On Friday June 14, 2014, American Red Cross Southeastern Pennsylvania (SEPA) workers helped set up 50,000 flags at Falls Township Park in Bucks Country as part of Flag Day celebrations and ceremonies. The American Red Cross has a long and proud tradition of supporting our service men and women in both war and peace time. Flag Day celebrates the adoption of the United States flag in 1777 and commemorates the service personnel who fought sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

Staff and volunteers from Red Cross Emergency Services and Service to the Armed Forces attended the Delaware Valley Vietnam Veterans Flag Memorial where lots of teamwork led to an impressive display of support for our country, our active military personnel, and veterans. The flags were presented all weekend at the park in Levittown and were disassembled after a ceremony on Sunday. Megan Rhodes, the Disaster Program Manager at the American Red Cross Southeastern Pennsylvania, felt that “participating in Flag Day was a great opportunity to get together as a community and show our support to our service members, past and present. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful way to honor the sacrifices made daily by the military.”

The display included an aisle of small American flags. There was also a section with POW/MIA flags dedicated to military personnel taken as prisoners of war or listed as missing in action. During the ceremony on Sunday, the POW/MIA flags were replaced with American flags for any POWs who have been found within the last year.

SEPA would like to thank all those who worked hard to make this Flag Day weekend memorial a success.

The American Red Cross is committed to serving the armed forces and their families. The Red Cross works side by side with foundations such as the Wounded Warriors to provide support for both active military and veterans, including anything from connecting military families with local community resources to collecting clothing, food, blankets and toiletries for homeless veterans. In fact, serving the armed forces is the original reason that the American Red Cross exists, and it is one of its proudest duties. Another essential service the Red Cross provides is the communication link between families, service members, and resources in times of crisis. If a family member needs to get in contact with a service member, the Red Cross will relay the message, no matter if the service member is in the Middle East, Africa, or even on a submarine.

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Red Cross sees the Flag Day celebration and memorial as an important symbol of one of our most sacred duties: our support of our country’s service personnel.