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Red Cross Selects Local Heroes for Award

Car on Fire
We are excited to honor these quiet heroes who have made a significant difference in our community.

The Black Hills Area Chapter is pleased to announce the selection of heroes for our March 13th “Breakfast of Champions.” The caliber of nominations were impressive and we are excited to honor these quiet heroes who have made a significant difference in our community. After much consideration, our nomination committee has selected the following heroes:

Good Samaritan: Jim Goodrich~ On September 30th, 2013, Jim witnessed a car accident on Elk Vale Rd involving a vehicle that had rolled down an embankment. With the car on fire, a group of brave locals stabilized the vehicle while Jim climbed in and helped extract the young man. Shortly after dragging him to safety, the car exploded. Jim realized at that time that the young man was his best friend’s grandson!

Law Enforcement: Rapid City Police Officer Garrett Loen~ On January 18, 2014 Officer Loen responded to a cardiac arrest call. When he arrived at the scene he utilized an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and CPR to resuscitated the victim and monitor his status until an paramedics arrived. His quick action helped save a life.

Military: MSgt Chuck and MSgt Alison Bridges~ In September 2013 while on vacation, the Bridges observed a paraglider lose control and crash onto a rocky ledge. With selfless disregard for his own safety, MSgt Chuck Bridges negotiated the 200 foot decent to reach the victim and tend to his compound fracture. With the assistance of his wife, MSgt Allison Bridges, he carried the man up the hill and rushed him 41 miles to the nearest medical facility.

Winter Storm Atlas: Rory Maynard and Janelle & Steve Agan~ When unexpected snowfalls of 55 inches paralyzed the city of Lead and prevented travel; the Chief of Police and Lawrence County Emergency Manager turned to community members for assistance in opening a shelter. Rory Maynard, the owner of the Day’s Inn quickly offered his facility to shelter evacuees who did not have power. Janelle Agan, a Registered Nurse, volunteered her skills to care for those with special medical needs while her husband, Pastor Steve Agan, provided emotional support and overall assistance in operating the shelter. Their selflessness in this emergency ensured the safety of 68 individuals.

First Responder: Casey Tippmann~ As a veteran and Search & Rescue Volunteer for 10 years, Casey has always contributed to the well being of others. In May of 2012 while eating dinner with friends he noticed smoke coming from a nearby home. He drove to the residence where he found flames coming from the structure. Casey pounded on the door and was able to rouse the sleeping elderly resident. He assisted her in fleeing from the home in her bathrobe and contacted the fire department. Her three dogs were also saved. Without Casey’s quick thinking this woman may have perished in the fire.

We invite the public to attend this event to honor these individuals. Individual tickets are available at Sponsorship opportunities for our heroes are also available. Please contact the American Red Cross with any questions: 605-342-4010 ext 2173.