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Annapolis Young Artists Program Hosted Benefit for Nepal

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We had the potential to make a difference, even if it was a small one.

Last month, the American Red Cross of Southern Maryland teamed up with the Annapolis Young Artists Program (AYAP) Reach Club to host a Concert for a Cause on Monday, June 15th at the Cape St. Claire United Methodist Church. The event was a benefit for Nepal, which experienced a horrific 7.8-magnitude earthquake that devastated the country in April.

With 50 to 60 people attending the event, the student-led community service group played a well-received range of musical styles, varying from contemporary pop songs, to jazz, and classical renditions, suitable for any rhythmic preference. The Volunteer Coordinator of AYAP, Catherine Bond, responded that when hearing about the tragedy in Nepal, “we realized…that we also had the potential to make a difference, even if it was a small one, in a community that’s thousands of miles away…a benefit concert seemed like the natural way for us to contribute our support.”

The proceedings from the benefit concert are expected to provide much-needed financial assistance, such as relief supplies consisting of blankets, tarps, buckets, kitchen sets, and other necessities for Nepalese victims in distress. Additionally, American Red Cross disaster specialists were also on the ground shortly following the disaster, assisting with emergency relief, information management, recovery planning, and IT/telecommunications. Yet, it is important to note that Nepal is still afflicted with the after-effects of the natural disaster, especially now, as they are in the process of rebuilding. The AYAP Reach Club has stated that for further community outreach events, they expect to work on more benefit concerts in the future with the American Red Cross, for causes both foreign and domestic.

In all, the concert raised a total of $635, which is greatly needed. For, as Bond has stated, “Any contribution to a cause like Nepal can help. So many individuals need our help there. I think people often have this mentality that they can’t make a difference as an individual because the problem is so much bigger than them, but the truth is that any person who is motivated and cares can impact a life.”