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Faithful Red Cross Volunteer Remembered for Years of Service

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The American Red Cross of East Tennessee expresses condolences for Eva Knab, a long-time volunteer of the Southeast Tennessee Chapter, who passed away on June 2nd.

As an RN and an ordained minister, Eva’s life was marked by the number of service positions she took on, many of which were through the Red Cross.

Between 1988 and 2010, she responded to 32 major disasters and fulfilled a number of roles, including acting as a volunteer health services coordinator during 9/11 and working as a medical volunteer during Hurricane Gustav. Unsurprisingly, she was nominated for a Hometown Hero award in 2011.

She was well loved in her community. Southeast Tennessee Disaster Program Manager John Hitchens says Eva had a gentle and loving nature.

“My fondest memory of Eva will be during the Hurricane Gustav relocation shelter when we had a male volunteer who simply stayed too long on duty for too many shifts who became emotionally overwhelmed and was acting out in a very loud…manner,” he says, “While everyone else’s first instinct was to take security or disciplinary measures, Eva calmed the storm by walking up, taking his hand and whispering  “I knew your mother. She was my friend and if she was here right now I think she would want us to go get something to eat. What do you say you, me and John go do that?” She winked at me as we walked to the car holding hands and leaving everyone who was watching speechless!”

Many other Red Cross volunteers paid their respects to Eva at her memorial on June 6th at the Turner Funeral Home Chapel.