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Pillowcase Project Launches in Chattanooga, Cleveland

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The American Red Cross introduced Disaster Preparedness techniques to children in Chattanooga this week using only a pillowcase!

Sponsored by Disney, The Pillowcase Project is a new program offered by The Red Cross to help teach emergency preparedness.

The program was offered for the first time in Chattanooga last week at Brainerd United Methodist Church.

Each participant was provided a Disney-themed pillowcase in which the children built an emergency preparedness kit. The pillowcase lists key items for an emergency preparedness kit including water, toiletries, flashlight, and an extra set of clothing, but kids were also encouraged to pack comforting toys, pictures, and games to help them stay emotionally safe as well as physically safe.

The program included a lesson taught by a Red Cross volunteer Heather Roberts.

Roberts explained how to prepare for emergencies and then encouraged the students to practice their new skills through games and activities.

The program also hopes to encourage communication about emergency preparedness between children and their families, so each child was also given an activity book to take home and complete with their parents.

The program is for children in 3rd through 5th grade, and can be presented  at schools, camps, or after school programs. For more information, call Shauna Hiefnar (423) 790-3052.