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New Red Cross App Teaches Kids Emergency Preparedness

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The American Red Cross added Monster Guard to its collection of free apps to teach children ages 7 to 11 about emergency preparedness through an interactive game.

Monster Guard blends education and entertainment to inform kids how to prepare for emergencies and stay safe during severe weather and natural disasters in – and this is the important point – a “stress free way.” In other words, there’s no fear factor associated with the app. 

Characters are friendly “monsters” with funny names. Images are bright and cheerful. Games are fun. There’s music and a charming voice over audio.

Each “episode” tackles a different situation with a light touch – from home fires to hurricanes – and offers plenty of easily understandable, practical advice.

Everything is based on content developed and taught for adults by the Red Cross. The app was created by the digital wizards at Dreamkind, a firm that specializes in designing apps to engage and inform children.

The app is similar to the Pillow Case Project, which improves children’s awareness and understanding of natural threats while reducing their fears by demonstrating practical and emotional skills to cope with emergencies. Both the app and Pillow Case Project are sponsored by Disney.

For the best app experience, the app can be played on a tablet, but it also works well on other mobile devices. Monster Guard is free and runs on iOS 7 and 8 and Android OS 4x and up.

People can go to or text “MONSTER” to 90999 for a direct link to download the app. Children should ask a parent or guardian for permission to download the app on their electronic device.

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