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Red Cross Opens Shelter North of Sugar Land

Shelter Opens: @ 4pm on 2/18/15

Shelter Location:

Chinese Community Center

9800 Town Park Drive

Houston, TX, 77036

The American Red Cross was on the scene of a large apartment fire this morning in the neighborhood Plaza Azul, North of Sugar Land, affecting nearly 28 apartments. Red Cross volunteers will meet with the people impacted to assess their needs and provide emergency assistance to help them return to a state of calm.

The Chinese Community Center has gracefully agreed to open their doors to serve as a shelter to comfort the people impacted by the fire. Those staying at the shelter will be provided a place to lay their heads at night, safe environment, warm blankets, and food to help them on a road to recovery.

We will provide updates below when we know more:

Shelter Opens: @ 4pm on 2/18/15