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Red Cross Joins Smiths Community Rewards Program

Smith's Community Rewards Supports Red Cross
Smiths Food and Drug has been a long time supporter of the the Red Cross and this is yet another example of that committment. --Utah Region CEO Heidi Ruster

The American Red Cross is Utah is pleased to announce that they have been added to the Smiths Community Rewards program. Smiths Community Rewards makes fundraising easy...all you have to do is shop Smiths and swipe your rewards card and a portion of the purchase is automatically donated to the Red Cross. There is no cost to enroll and enrollment will not affect your fuel points or coupon discounts.

The program is available to anyone that already has a Smiths Reward Card by enrolling at If you do not have a Smiths card you can get one at any Smiths location.

In order to designate the Red Cross as the Community Rewards charity of choice use the code 91177.