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How to get Involved with Fire Prepardness Campaign

How to get Involved with Fire Prepardness Campaign
A great way for your business to support the Red Cross.

Did you know that home fires kill an average of seven people every day and that smoke alarms cut the risk of dying in home fires by 50 percent?

The Red Cross Home Fire Preparedness Campaign aims to save lives, reduce injuries and build more resilient communities through raising awareness, facilitating preventative actions, and fostering community participation.

The Red Cross is holding monthly canvassing events to educate homeowners on fire safety and install smoke alarms or replace batteries at no charge in at-risk neighborhoods.

Support Opportunities

We need volunteers to go door to door delivering lifesaving safety information and installing smoke alarms or fresh batteries in homes in neighborhoods that are at high risk of fires (areas known to have frequent fires.) We provide all necessary materials and training the day of the event. Canvassing takes place the last Saturday of every month starting at 9:00am. And usually goes until noon. This is a great way for your business to support the Red Cross on this lifesaving initiative.

Besides providing a volunteer engagement opportunity for employees we also welcome financial support to help fund this campaign and disaster response to home fires in the Utah region of American Red Cross.

If your company is interested in adopting an upcoming canvassing event with volunteer support. financial support or both call Margie Woodruff at 801-323-7015

It’s the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors that make this work possible so please join in and help the Red Cross make a difference in our local communities.