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Leadership Development Camp is Changing Lives

Red Cross Utah Leadership Development Camp
"Each year, we witness amazing personal growth in our American Red Cross youth in Utah"

The American Red Cross in Utah conducts an annual Leadership Development Camp (LDC) where youth from an ethnically diverse background from across the state participate.  

The week long camp (this year the week of June 16th) is held during the summer and provides many opportunities for the youth to get involved.  For example they can develop leadership styles, skills and abilities enabling them to empower and inspire other youth within their own circles of influence. 

Delegates (participants) develop and strengthen their values and learn how to work with others who have diverse opinions, perspectives, and practises. The youth also receive information on the many services the Red Cross has to offer with an opportunity to more fully engage as a volunteer within their geographical area. 

The camp has become so popular that there are discussions underway for a second camp if further funding can be secured.  Individuals or businesses that would like to support LDC can call the Red Cross in Utah at 801-323-7001.