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Six Months After the Landslide: Red Cross Continues to Pitch In

The Red Cross is usually one of the first groups to step forward.

Just after the six-month mark, the American Red Cross was recognized for its ongoing work in long-term recovery efforts for the deadly Washington landslide. Details of steady progress and effective partnerships were outlined in an article published in the Everett Herald.

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The article highlights how the Red Cross, in tandem with partners, remains committed to help communities heal:

"...the Snohomish County chapter of the Red Cross has taken a lead role in both the short-term emergency response and in the long-term recovery efforts."

As of September 10, $2.4 million of the $4.7 million dollars raised has been spent on emergency and long-term recovery work. The Red Cross has spent or otherwise allocated more than half of the remaining funds.

"We have plans in place to distribute the remaining 90 percent over the next two years," said Chuck Morrison, the organization's regional executive director.

Funds have been granted to partner organizations that can provide tailored services to affected individuals, families and communities. One example is Catholic Community Services of Western Washington, that provides disaster case managers to help connect people in affected communities available resources.

To support students who have been impacted by the disaster, the Red Cross, alongside Cascade Valley Hospital and the United Way, are planning to fund a full-time school psychologist for the Darrington School District for the next two and a half years.

Assistance is also provided is through the Combined Long Term Recovery Group, a network of partners who convene weekly and work together to cover unmet needs. Case managers identify the gaps in assistance, such as paying rent, assistance with the down payment of a new home, or home repairs. This is then brought to the group, which will then collaborate to address the need.

The Everett Herald cites key Red Cross partners:

"Wyonne Perrault, the executive director of North Counties Family Services, said that the Red Cross is usually one of the first groups to step forward.

“'The Red Cross representative is the first person there to raise her hand to say ‘I'll cover it,' Perrault said.

'Thus far, we're able to cover 100 percent of what's come to us,' she said."

We know this is a marathon, not a sprint and we take great care to make sure the money is spent the right way explained Morrison.