Tools and Resources

The American Red Cross has created this Disaster and Safety Library to assist you in preparing your home, school and workplace in the event of a disaster or emergency. Here you will find fact sheets, preparedness checklists, recovery guides and other helpful information to keep you informed and safe.

People in chemical protective gear responding to chemical emergency

Boy walking across a field that has no grass because of a drought

Red Cross disaster responder at site of earthquake searching for survivors

House under water after a flood

Prevent and recover from the Flu

Types of food that would be dangerous to eat after a power outage

Prepare for and recover from a heatwave

Fireman and policeman at scene of highway emergency

Smoke detector detecting smoke

Palm trees in a hurricane

Destroyed homes after a landslide

Keep your pets safe during a disaster or emergency

Learn more about preventing poisoning

Family in the dark with a lantern during a power outage

Red Cross disaster responder at scene of terrorist attack

Lightening striking a neighborhood

Red Cross emergency response vehicle at tornado disaster area

Red Cross disaster responder holding little girl in arms at tsunami disaster area

Volcano erupting

Three kids at a pool ready for swimming lessons

Red Cross disaster responder at wildfire response

Learn more about preparing for and recovering from a winter storm