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If You Suspect a Disaster-Related Scam
If you see or hear about any instances of people misusing the Red Cross name or logo to collect funds on behalf of Hurricane Sandy victims, or any other types of disaster-related fraud, please call the National Center for Disaster Fraud (a program under the U.S. Department of Justice), toll-free, at (866) 720-5721, or email the NCDF at All calls and emails will be treated as confidential.
If You Suspect Any Other Type of Scam
The Red Cross urges people to not provide any personal or financial information to unknown individuals. It is a federal crime for a person to pose as a Red Cross representative for the purpose of fraudulently soliciting, collecting, or receiving money or material and if you receive this type of call please report it to us.
Known Scams

  • A scam call from a “Federal agency” offering you a $9K grant (and if you try to call back the number that appears on your caller ID, you get the Red Cross switchboard).
  • An advertisement about a Red Cross doctor who needs to relocate out of the country quickly and is trying to sell or rent his house.
  • A phone call, text message or email stating that a family member is volunteering with the Red Cross in Haiti and has been arrested.
  • An email that comes from a “” email address:
  • Thank you for your donation to hurricane sandy relief. We appreciate your donation of 435 dollars. Credit card on file has been charged if you did not authorize donation please go to (website URL) to unauthorize the charge.

    Thank you again for your donation,

    Red Cross