The Heritage Program

  • Red Cross nurse comforting elderly lady

Recognizing Nurses’ Contributions to the Red Cross Past and Present

The Heritage Program was established in 2010 to reconnect, recognize and obtain resources for Red Cross Nursing activities and initiatives. The National Nursing Committee proposed the program because of its belief that reconnecting to former Red Cross Nurses would be a positive step to recognizing their many contributions and preserving the history of the past activities of nurses. Also, current nurses would be encouraged and guided by these activities and engage nurses in many roles available today.

One of the Red Cross corporate priorities is to obtain resources for Red Cross operations. Nurse leaders wanted to do their part in insuring there were resources for nursing’s future in the Red Cross.

A newsletter is published quarterly to tell the stories of past roles of nurses and update these nurses in current initiatives of the 20,000 nurses today. Articles on opportunities for planned giving and examples of donors to the Red Cross are also included. See the latest Nursing Matters: Past and Present newsletter. Face to face meetings with former nurse volunteers and Red Cross Nursing leaders are planned for the future.

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