Elisabeth Röhm

  • Elisabeth Rohm

Elisabeth Röhm is a true Red Cross mom.

Actress and Author Elisabeth Röhm is personally committed to a better world for her own daughter, Easton, and families around the world. She has worked in the trenches as a Red Cross volunteer spokesperson, and as a Celebrity Cabinet member for many years. While managing a full professional schedule and taking care of her family, she always makes the time to respond to disasters, provides input on Red Cross strategy, and helps to raise awareness about the Red Cross mission.

This year, Elisabeth is leading an effort to get her own community in Southern California and communities throughout the United States more prepared. Her message is reaching thousands of families, inspiring them to take lifesaving classes, make a disaster plan with their loved ones, and mobilize their communities to plan for the worst so more lives are spared. While launching her new book on motherhood, Baby Steps and shooting the latest film by award-winning director David O. Russell with colleagues Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale, Jeremy Renner, and Amy Adams. Elisabeth has started taking lifesaving courses with her family and is leveraging her visibility to raise awareness about the Red Cross mission.

Director: Kimberly Metz Photographer | www.kimberlymetz.com

During her many years as a Red Cross volunteer, Elisabeth has worked on the ground during wildfires in California, visited wounded veterans in military hospitals, helped with vaccinations in Cambodia and Vietnam, and has been involved with many successful fundraising initiatives. Join Elisabeth in a conversation on Twitter and Facebook about preparing your family and community, and get started today.

Elisabeth Rohm, Red Cross Volunteer
Elisabeth, photograghed at Commune Health Station in Quang Ngai province Vietnam where mother and child health education for early detection and treatment of respiratory infections, diarrhea and dehydration are held.