Lifesaving Blood

  • Guy donating blood.

The need is constant. The gratification is instant. Give blood.™

The American Red Cross is the nation’s largest blood collection organization, supplying approximately 40 percent of the blood and blood products used in our country.
  • Approximately
    5.6 million
    blood donations
    are collected by the Red Cross each year.
  • Roughly
    3.3 million
    generous volunteer blood donors
    roll up a sleeve each year.
  • More than
    8 million
    transfusable blood products
    are distributed each year thanks to the generous donations.
  • Patients at approximately
    hospitals and transfusion centers
    around the country receive Red Cross blood products.

Our blood donors are ordinary people – high school students, factory and office workers, business executives, parents and grandparents, and people from every walk of life. But they share one thing – a generous spirit, a desire to give back to their community and help others. Blood donors play an integral role in the delivery of modern healthcare. Many lifesaving medical treatments and procedures involve blood transfusions and would not be possible without a safe and reliable blood supply.

The Red Cross is also a leader in research and testing to protect the safety of the blood supply. We were among the first to develop and implement testing for many infectious diseases including, HIV, hepatitis B and C viruses, West Nile virus, and more recently the agent of Chagas disease.

If you already donate blood, thank you! You are making a lifesaving contribution that benefits accident victims, cancer patients, surgical candidates, children with blood disorders and many others. If you have never donated blood, please consider doing so. Your donations are always in constant demand.