• Ugandan Red Cross workers lined up with bicycles

Helping in Uganda

Manafwa River Basin

Upstream communities in the Manafwa river basin face the recurring threat of landslides, while communities downstream are flooded without warning on a nearly annual basis causing loss of life, displacement of people, property and crop destruction, contamination of water sources and damage to transportation networks. Through this project, the American Red Cross is working with the Uganda Red Cross and communities in Bududa, Manafwa and Butaleja Districts to conduct detailed assessments, train disaster response teams, create contingency plans and establish early warning systems to help ensure that communities are better prepared for future disaster, this project. The project will also conduct public awareness campaigns and strengthen the capacity of the Uganda Red Cross to manage disasters. This project is expected to benefit 75,000 people.

Prepare Uganda: Reducing Risks in Urban Communities

Africa is experiencing the most rapid urbanizing population in the world with a current urban annual growth rate of 3.3 percent. The municipalities of Gulu and Lira in northern Uganda and have experienced rapid population growth over the past 20 years, leading to extremely congested neighborhoods, especially within low-income areas. Residents face three major hazards: fires, floods and traffic accidents. This project will strengthen the resilience of 10 vulnerable communities in Gulu and Lira to reduce the risks associated with floods, fires and inadequate emergency response systems. The project will work with the Uganda Red Cross to form Community Fire Response teams, engage local Red Cross youth in community clean-up days, and train motorcycle taxis as first responders when accidents occur, benefiting an estimated 85,000 people.

Organizational Development

Our local partners in the global Red Cross network have immediate, first-hand knowledge of and access to the communities they serve and, like the American Red Cross, work to make communities in their countries safer and more resilient. However, these partners themselves are also vulnerable to factors, such as social, economic and political conditions, competition for scarce resources, and demographic changes, which can reduce their ability to effectively respond to disasters and emergencies. To mitigate the effects of such factors, the American Red Cross provides support in organizational development - planned, organization-wide efforts led by local partners to increase their effectiveness, adaptability, and sustainability. This support builds on our partners’ existing strengths and capacities to help them better fulfill their mission. Organizational development support focuses on research-validated areas such as effective communication, adaptive planning, efficient systems, human resource development, making connections with other key organizations, monitoring and evaluation, and organizational learning. The American Red Cross is working with Red Cross partners in Colombia, El Salvador, Namibia and Uganda on Organizational Development initiatives, with each project being tailored to the specific country’s needs.