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Helping in Kyrgyzstan

Preparing Communities for Disasters

The five Central Asian countries (Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) face a large number of disasters every year and are at high risk for cataclysmic earthquakes. To help reduce the impact of these disasters on vulnerable people in Central Asia, in 2010, the American Red Cross began taking steps to make people safer. In partnership with the national Red Crescent societies in Central Asia (like the Kyrgyzstan Red Crescent) and the global Red Cross network, we are helping develop and test early warning systems to alert communities in case of flooding, improve school safety through simple risk reduction activities, adapt disaster education curriculums to the Central Asian context, and strengthen national Red Crescent societies’ abilities to manage volunteers and to raise funds for disaster preparedness.

These activities all help to reduce the vulnerability of people living in Central Asia and increase the ability of national Red Crescent societies to respond when disaster strikes. More than 250,000 people across the region are expected to benefit from this project, which is partially funded by DIPECHO (the disaster preparedness initiative maintained by European Commission's Humanitarian Aid department) with supplemental funding from the American Red Cross.