Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Two Latin American at an Red Cross preparedness event

The American Red Cross is working with communities across Latin America and the Caribbean to prepare for and respond to disasters and health emergencies. We help communities to build resilience against future threats—reducing their vulnerability to natural disasters and disease.

Alongside local partners and governments, we establish early warning systems to alert residents of incoming storms, conduct evacuation drills, dig ditches to divert water and reduce flood damage, train community members in first aid so they can assist their neighbors during crises, and carry out a variety of other activities like spreading simple health and hygiene messages.

Dynamic and agile, we manage long-term programs in the region and respond to unexpected emergencies as they happen. The American Red Cross is active in 23 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean, including Haiti—where we continue our long-term earthquake recovery efforts.

Map of Red Cross Services in Latin American and Caribbean