Are you Ready?

More than 90% of Southern Californians know a big disaster is coming. Yet only 6% are prepared for it. Preparedness starts with you.
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Not able to say “I’m Ready” yet? Getting prepared may sound difficult or time consuming but – with a little help from the Red Cross – its actually very doable.

Get a Kit

The first step to preparedness is to build or purchase an emergency preparedness kit that includes items such as water, non-perishable food, a flashlight and extra batteries, a battery-powered radio, first aid kit and medications. It’s a good idea to have an easy-to-carry kit with supplies and, if possible, enough food, water and supplies for the whole family to sit tight for 14 days.


Click here to PURCHASE a Red Cross Preparedness Kit


Click here to DOWNLOAD a reparedness kit shopping list and build your own.


Make a Plan

The next step in preparedness is to talk with members of your household about what to do during emergencies. Plan what to do in case everyone is separated and choose two places to meet—one right outside your home in case of a sudden emergency such as a fire, and another outside your neighborhood, in case you cannot return home or are asked to evacuate.


Family Disaster Plan Template - English


Family Disaster Plan Template - Spanish


Be Informed

Once you have built your emergency kit and made a plan with your household, it’s important to know what to do in the event of different types of disasters. Here is basic information to keep you safe before, during and after the types of disasters you are most likely to encounter in Southern California.


Learn CPR

In an emergency situation, you will be the first person on the scene. Make sure at least one member of your family is fully trained to administer CPR and First Aid. In this short video, you can learn how to perform


Hands-Only CPR – so that you can help deliver life-saving care until professional responders arrive.



Download the Red Cross Emergency App

This FREE all-inclusive app lets you monitor more than 35 different severe weather and emergency alerts, provides expert advice on how to prepare and respond to disasters and includes a map to help you locate open Red Cross shelters.




Or text: "GETEMERGENCY" to 90999

Once you’ve completed these steps, we want you to tell your friends and family “I’m Ready.” Re-visit this page once you’ve completed steps 1-5 listed above and use the “I’m Ready” tool to access to exclusive ways to tell the world about your preparedness.