Other Fundraising Ideas


There are so many ways to raise money for the American Red Cross. Here are some fundraising ideas you can use to help get you started. 



Your monetary donation to the Red Cross helps provide food, shelter, relief supplies, emotional support, recovery planning, and other assistance during disasters. 


Other Fundraising Ideas

Create Your Fundraiser

Fundraise your way by energizing your community through celebrating a special occasion or being creative to help those in need. 


Play Games and Fundraise

Play your favorite games while raising life-saving funds for those in need.  You can help provide relief and support to families and communities in crisis with your charity stream.


Facebook Challenges

Join a Challenge to take on a fitness activity while fundraising.


Spartan Races

Take on a Spartan Race and fundraise for the Red Cross.


Charity Concert

Recruit friends who are willing to donate their time and musical talent to put together a concert. Have attendees purchase tickets to the concert, and the proceeds from ticket sales can be donated to the Red Cross.


Artists Showcase

Create a painting or other work of art and sell it to a local business, neighbor, friend, or family member with profits going toward the Red Cross. Or host a gallery night and invite friends and family to bid on or buy your works of art to support the Red Cross. Be creative and make holidays, birthdays or thank you cards that you can sell to friends and family.


Teach a technology or social media class

Teach adults in the community how to stay connected through technology and social media. Introduce platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and encourage your students to ask others on social media to donate to the Red Cross. Ask that a donation be made to the Red Cross instead of a teacher fee. Advertise your lessons at the local community or senior centers.


Food trucks partnership

Pair up with local food truck companies to receive a portion of sales dollars or ask customers for a donation with purchase. This can be a fun weekend family activity and can be held around youth sporting activities, such as football, soccer, or baseball games.


Taste of the Red Cross

Ask members of your club to make dishes from around the world. Bring the food to a central location and charge attendees an admission fee to enter and taste the dishes your club prepared. Donate the proceeds from the activity to the Red Cross.


Dining-in challenge

Challenge friends and family to eat at home for 30 days and use the money normally budgeted for dining out as a donation to the Red Cross.



Participate in a challenge and collect pledges from family and friends. Popular thons include bowling, dancing, and skating. You can also collect additional funds by selling refreshments and asking local businesses for sponsorships. Companies may also sponsor the activity, especially related to their business.


Field Day

Host a fun day with group-oriented activities, such as a volleyball tournament, tug-of-war competition, or bag toss/corn-hole competition. You will need a large, open space, such as a field or park, and game supplies. You can expand on field day and include other activities, such as a wing-eating contest. Ask friends, neighbors, family, peers, and co-workers to participate and bring fun games. Charge a “fee” per competitor as a donation to the Red Cross.


Containers of Hope

Use old containers, such as milk or orange juice jugs to collect cash from attendees during sporting events. You could either set up a tabletop display in high-traffic areas in the stadium or pass the containers around during half-time.


Pajama Day

Ask students, teachers, and faculty to pay a fee to get to wear pajamas to school one day. Consider having a contest for the funniest pajamas.


Garage Sale

Host a garage sale and advertise that the proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross. 


How to donate to the Red Cross?

   • When it comes to fundraising, transparency is key.

   • Contact your local Red Cross chapter in advance. You can drop off the cash donation or mail it as a check to your local Red Cross Chapter.

   • Refer to the Team Red Cross Fundraising Toolkit for more information and for sample thank you messages.