Working at The Red Cross - The Benefits of Being on Our Team


Now is an exciting time to join the American Red Cross. We're all working harder than ever to support our mission, and celebrating the people who carry out that mission every day – our employees!

Total Rewards is the American Red Cross’s promise to you as an employee, that includes competitive pay and benefits, rewards for your achievement and commitment, opportunities to learn and grow, and the experience of working for such a dynamic organization. These four main categories of your Total Rewards are the basis of many programs and benefit offerings that are here to help you find balance and peace of mind—for your work, family, health, and finances.


Medical, Dental, Vision and Other Insurance

We partner with Cigna to provide employees with four comprehensive medical plan options. Our medical plans include prescription drug coverage, and some plans include a personal Health Savings Account.

The Red Cross contributes a fixed dollar amount to help employees pay for the medical premiums that come from each paycheck to cover enrollment in the Red Cross medical insurance plans. Employees in the Red Cross medical plans also have the opportunity to earn money toward out of pocket healthcare expenses by making progress toward certain wellness goals. Your insurance plan comes with a team of wellness coaches dedicated to assisting Red Cross employees, as well as a Benefits Advocacy service that can help you with your unresolved insurance claims and questions.

Employees may also choose to enroll in additional insurance plan available:

  • Vision: offered by UnitedHealthcare
  • Dental: two plans to choose from, offered by Delta Dental
  • Hospital Indemnity Insurance: offered by Allstate
  • Critical Illness Insurance: offered by Aflac
  • Accident Insurance: offered by Aflac
  • Group Legal Plan: offered by Hyatt Legal
  • Flexible Spending Accounts: for medical expenses, or dependent day care
  • A Kaiser insurance plan is available in some geographic areas
  • Red Cross Paid Life and Disability Insurance

    Basic Life Insurance and Accidental Death Dismemberment (AD&D)

    The Red Cross automatically provides life and AD&D insurance coverage at no cost benefits eligible employees. The coverage amount is the same amount as your annual salary, and you have the option to buy additional life insurance and AD&D protection through convenient payroll deductions. Short-Term Disability and Long-Term DisabilityShould you become disabled, the Red Cross provides most full-time employees with a disability benefit up to 60% of your monthly pay at no cost to you.

    Paid Time Off and Paid Holidays

    The Red Cross provides a flexible paid time off (PTO) program that allows employees to use PTO based on individual need. There’s no distinction between time off needed for vacation, or for illness – your paid time off is yours to use however you wish.

    Other paid time off opportunities might be available to you, including bereavement leave, and policies for inclement weather and jury duty.

    Six paid holidays are observed organization-wide, including: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. Employees are also issued four floating holidays per year.

    Savings Plan 401(k)

    The American Red Cross Savings Plan 401(k) allows eligible employees to contribute from 1% to 50% of their pre-tax earnings, up to IRS maximums, and/or 10% of their after-tax earnings—for a total contribution of up to 60%. Employees may change their contribution amounts as often as each pay period. For eligible employees, the Red Cross also offers a contribution match of 100%, up to 4% of eligible pay each pay period which fully vests after only 3 years of employment.

    Commuter Benefits

    Eligible employees can save on commuting costs by enrolling in the Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits Program, administered by ADP. Employees can contribute pre-tax money to their Commuter Account directly through paycheck deductions to pay for monthly mass transit and non-Red Cross parking passes or vanpooling expenses.

    Employee Assistance Program

    All paid staff and their families are eligible to utilize the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a no-cost information and counseling service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Administered by Cigna, our EAP program allows users to gain valuable information about dealing with a variety of life topics everyone encounters either at work or at home.


    Service Recognition Gifts

    The Red Cross values the commitment and dedication of its employees, especially those who have helped us fulfill our mission for many years. We recognize employees celebrating milestone anniversaries (beginning at five years and continuing in increments of five years) with both a service pin and a service recognition gift. Volunteers are also eligible to receive service pins.

    National Awards

    Every year we make an effort to publicly acknowledge the achievements and contributions of exceptional employees and volunteers. During the annual nomination period, fellow Red Crossers may nominate one another for any one of many national awards issued by Red Cross leaders.

    Presidential Award for Excellence

    The Presidential Award for Excellence is presented to American Red Cross employees and volunteers who demonstrate superior job performance aligning with the organization’s priorities in one of the following areas: Maintaining Financial Stability, Revenue Generation, Providing Safe Blood Products, Modernizing IT Systems, Revitalizing the Brand or Mission Fulfillment.

    Harriman Award for Distinguished Volunteer Service

    The Harriman Award for Distinguished Volunteer Service is presented to an American Red Cross volunteer in direct service, administration or management, with the exception of volunteers currently serving on the Board of Governors. The Harriman Award recognizes extraordinary American Red Cross service that extends to people and places beyond the local community.

    Ann Magnussen Award

    The Ann Magnussen Award is presented annually to a volunteer or employed registered nurse who has made an outstanding contribution to strengthening or improving American Red Cross programs and services; it is the highest honor of individual nursing achievement in the American Red Cross.

    Biomedical Partnership Award

    The Biomedical Partnership Award is presented to an American Red Cross Blood Services volunteer who fosters innovative relationships between a blood region and a chapter.

    International Humanitarian Service Award

    The International Humanitarian Service Award recognizes an individual, group or organization whose work exemplifies or inspires the humanitarian values of human dignity, respect, compassion and the protection and assistance implied in the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

    Navin Narayan Youth Award

    The Navin Narayan Award for Excellence in Youth Leadership is presented to an American Red Cross volunteer between the ages of 14 and 24 who has volunteered with the Red Cross for at least two years and served in a leadership capacity. Like the award’s namesake, Navin Narayan, the ideal recipient will have demonstrated a strong track record of leading and inspiring fellow Red Cross volunteers, creating a positive impact on the community, and exemplifying dedication to the Red Cross mission.

    Susan Hassmiller Nursing Award

    The Susan Hassmiller Nursing Award provides grant support to a Red Cross program that boosts nurse and student nurse involvement in one or a combination of the Red Cross lines of business, and/or in policy and leadership roles.


    Annual Performance Reviews

    We know you value your career growth and development – and we do too! Your career here at the Red Cross, and even your compensation, is closely tied to PerformancePlus, our annual performance review process. And in keeping to our mission, your performance is also measured against our Mission, Vision, Values, and Guiding Behaviors. This enables us to clearly see how our performance affects—and reflects—the core elements of our Red Cross culture.

    Employee Training and Development Programs

    PerformancePlus also helps guide employee development, which is focused around three key areas:

  • Talent Management and Development: Supports the Red Cross talent strategy and ensures a pipeline of leaders.
  • Organization Development: Supports creating a motivating work environment and culture that contribute to the American Red Cross mission and strategic initiatives.
  • Executive Development: Supports the development of current and future leaders at the American Red Cross.
  • Internal Career Center

    The Internal Career Center Is a resources for current Red Cross employees to explore new opportunities and expand their potential within the organization. The Internal Career Center lists positions that are soliciting internal candidates.

    There are a variety of programs in place to facilitate the development both you and the Red Cross want to see you achieve!

    Red Cross Experience

    Employee Diversity

    Diversity includes the characteristics, experiences and cultural influences that make us unique individuals. At the American Red Cross, our clients, volunteers, employees, donors and suppliers represent a wide array of cultures, ethnic backgrounds, ages, lifestyles, beliefs and philosophies.

    Our Diversity Value & Respect Initiative inspires the spirit of diversity at the American Red Cross, and shows our recognition and appreciation for the diversity of our workforce. Our vision is to cultivate a culturally competent and inclusive American Red Cross:

  • Where the make-up of our volunteers, employees and donors increasingly reflects the clients and communities we serve; and
  • Where our products and services are delivered in a culturally sensitive and appropriate manner.
  • Learn more about our corporate diversity.

    No matter your location, you may also join a Team Member Resource Group. These Team Member Resource Groups give employees the chance to network with other team members united by common interests or background, be a resource for the organization, and benefit from professional development opportunities offered through the groups.

    Our Culture

    The Red Cross is focused on improving and saving lives, and our culture is a reflection of that. Red Cross employees are all humanitarians who reflect the core of the organization in all they do, and our Mission, Vision, and Values are the reason why many employees choose to work for the Red Cross for the lifetime of their career.

    The Red Cross Mission, Vision and Values establish the foundation of who we are.

  • Our Mission explains why we exist today.
  • Our Vision details what we aspire to.
  • Our Values guide how we conduct ourselves.
  • Our values set the standard as to how Red Cross employees and volunteers interact with and serve those both inside and outside of the organization, and our guiding behaviors are the ways in which we demonstrate those values. Every employee’s ability to uphold the mission, vision, and values—and hold each other accountable to them—is what helps makes the Red Cross a rewarding place to work.

    Employee Discounts

    As a Red Cross employee, you can get discounts on services and consumer products, as well as discounted group rates for personal insurance such as home, auto, and long-term care. Through the program, you can also make a variety of appliance and home purchases using deductions right from your paycheck.

    Blood Drives and Matching Donations

    Throughout the year, our CEO Gail McGovern will challenge employees to donate blood and offer donations to the Red Cross, with a donation match! These blood and donation drives not only keep employees tied to the Red Cross mission, but also ensures we’re playing our part to contribute to the causes we work hard to support.

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