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Welcome to the American Red Cross Workplace Giving Campaign Resource page. Here, you can download all the resources you’ll need to implement an effective workplace giving program.

Is this your first time conducting a workplace giving campaign? Please read our 6 Steps to a Successful Campaign for guidance and best practices that detail the proper procedures to follow when beginning a program.

If you have any questions, please ask your Red Cross fundraiser or fill out the form below.

For more materials to support your campaign, please make a selection below:

Campaign Materials

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Posters and Stickers

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Online Giving Options

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When your company wants to conduct an employee giving and matching gift campaign, the Red Cross has an online donation platform option to make your campaign a success. A Red Cross customizable online donation site (or a microsite) allows your employees or customers to support the lifesaving mission of the Red Cross in your community, across the country and around the world. These sites are suggested for companies with 2,000 or more US based employees and multiple locations. For any questions, please email

You can see an example employee microsite here. In order to set up a site, please contact or a local fundraiser.

If your company has fewer than 2,000 US based employees, you can post web banners directly to your company’s external website or internal intranet. You can select a web banner option here.


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