The Regional Nurse (RN) Network

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Nursing has a strong legacy with the American Red Cross and 20,000 nurses are in service across the organization today. Nurses consistently rank first as the most trusted profession in the US. Red Cross nurses continue to enhance the Red Cross brand and image. The RN Network is the operational arm for Red Cross nursing and health function. It is foundational to helping chapters build health capacity and community resiliency.


The Regional Nurse (RN) Network is part of the American Red Cross nursing network, along with the National Nursing Committee (NNC), Office of the Chief Nurse, and the business line and focus area Nurse Consultants. The RN Network:
  • Helps Red Cross units recruit, receive, retain, and recognize nurses and health professionals.
  • Supports all service lines with health integration.
  • Assists Red Cross chapters in focus areas: community resilience; volunteer/youth management; face of the Red Cross, SAF/International Services; and fundraising.


Nurses come to the Red Cross with extensive education and training, ready to provide community care and assist at the chapter level in all matters related to health. They represent the largest category of health provider in the Red Cross. The RN Network develops and sustains operations to enhance nurse and health professional participation across all business lines. The RN Network works closely with internal health partners (e.g., Disaster Health Service Advisors, Regional Emergency Services Directors, Volunteer Coordinators) and external health partners (e.g., state nursing associations, public health departments, colleges and universities). The RN Network provides quarterly metric-based reports to measure network and program success via health/community outcomes.


There is one Regional Nurse Leader (RNL) per region; one State Nurse Leader (SNL) per state; and one Division Nurse Leader (DNL) per Red Cross division. The DNL helps SNLs organize and lead their state’s Regional Nurse (RN) Network. SNLs work with RNLs to assure health function and strength in multiple service delivery areas. In addition, a National RN Network Director leads the RN Network, bridging it with the other elements of the Red Cross nursing network: the NNC, the nurse consultants, and the Office of the Chief Nurse. The majority of roles in the nursing network are volunteer positions.

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