Nursing Students

Helping Where It Counts

For more than fifty years, nursing students have been involved in helping the Red Cross deliver critical community services. Volunteering with the American Red Cross is relevant to learning nursing skills and can lead to a lifelong opportunity for service. Follow in the footsteps of some of the most famous nursing leaders. Volunteer today.

The American Red Cross partners with nursing faculty to help students develop basic leadership skills, provide meaningful services and help prepare for, prevent and respond to emergencies. Some of the opportunities for nursing student involvement are listed below; opportunities for student nurse involvement are also described in Helping Where It Counts and Make a Difference: Guidelines for Nursing Student Involvement in the American Red Cross.

New Nation-Wide Student Nurse Disaster Response Course

Starting January, 2012, nursing programs across the nation can access a blended learning course, American Red Cross Disaster Health and Sheltering. This two-part, four- hour awareness course introduces nursing students to how they could help in a disaster response and involves a tabletop exercise facilitated in the classroom by the nursing program instructor and a Red Cross nurse. Find out more about the course registration by contacting your local chapter or your Regional Nurse Liaison.

Follow these steps to volunteer with the American Red Cross:

Look at the Helping Where It Counts and Make a Difference: Guidelines for Nursing Student Involvement in the American Red Cross. Determine the areas in which you would like to volunteer.

Contact your local Red Cross unit. You can find the phone number by typing in your zip code in the zip code finder on this page. This will give you the phone number of the Red Cross office closest to where you live.

Speak to the Volunteer Coordinator. Set up a time to visit the Red Cross and discuss your interests by contacting the State Nurse Liaison responsible for the chapter.

Opportunities for Nursing Student Involvement

Provide Direct Services
  • Teach Family Caregiving
  • Serve on a Disaster Action Team
  • Teach Disaster preparedness
  • Organize Blood drives
  • Teach health education
  • Serve in a First aid station
  • Provide Immunizations
  • Take/Teach Courses

  • Basic First Aid
  • CPR and AED
  • HIV/Aids Education
  • Workplace Safety
  • Scrubby Bear (handwashing for young people)
  • Participate in Leadership Activities

  • National Youth Leadership Council
  • Statewide community health initiatives in conjunction with the NSNA
  • Public speaking
  • Red Cross committees
  • Special projects
  • Support Services

  • Public relations
  • Administrative services
  • Computer/technical support
  • What Students Say About Their Red Cross Experience:

  • "I worked hard and enjoyed having to use my knowledge, skills and creativity!"
  • "I liked being involved in ‘meaningful’ projects!"
  • "It was fun and enlightening working with such diverse and dedicated people."
  • "…the commitment and enthusiasm were catching."
  • "Prospective employers were impressed with my ‘real work’ experience."

Jane Delano Student Nurse Scholarship

Jane Delano was the principal organizer of the Red Cross Nursing Service. Thanks to her efforts, more than 20,000 Red Cross nurses served in World War I. She died in France in 1919, while traveling on behalf of the Red Cross. In recognition of her service to our country, she received the Distinguished Service Medal and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

The Red Cross honors her memory through the Jane Delano Student Nurse Scholarship.

American Red Cross Student Nursing Pin

This pin recognizes the contributions of student nurses who are providing valuable Red Cross services to their communities. If you are a student nurse who has worked for the Red Cross in a volunteer or paid capacity for 10 or more hours, you can get your pin! The silver and blue pin is inscribed with the words, "Student Nurse…Answering Humanity's Call." It can be ordered through your local Red Cross Chapter.