Tornado Relief

  • Tornado Relief

How the Red Cross responds after a tornado

Tornadoes strike quickly, leaving communities around the country devastated in their wake. In the aftermath of a severe storm or tornado, the American Red Cross provides many relief services, including:
  • Shelter and feed residents
  • Distribute clean-up supplies such as shovels, rakes, tarps, and work gloves
  • Conduct damage assessment of homes impacted by storms
  • Provide mental health support, including counseling for families impacted by storms and tips on self-care and how to cope with the aftermath
  • Connect loved ones separated after a storm via the Red Cross Safe & Well site

  • "1,100 families who are not able to live in their homes"

    After the deadly tornado outbreak in North Texas on December 26, thousands have been displaced and lost their homes. The Red Cross has been helping residents recover and rebuild their lives.

    Recent Tornado Relief Efforts

    Central Florida Tornadoes - 2016

    In the early morning hours of January 17, 2016, severe weather in Central Florida sparked two tornadoes that ripped through Manatee and Sarasota counties. At dawn trained American Red Cross of Southwest Florida volunteers were on the scene and began circulating through the neighborhoods to assess the damage. Over the coming days, the Red Cross will be working closely with local emergency management and partners to provide additional support.

    North Texas Tornadoes - 2015

    Since December 26, 2015, the American Red Cross has been supporting storm relief efforts, the result of unusually severe winter weather that spawned a devastating tornado outbreak across North Texas. Thousands of residents were displaced and many homes were rendered unlivable. From hot meals to cleaning supplies to mental health services, our volunteers have reached out to affected neighborhoods to provide vital humanitarian aid.

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