Diversity at the American Red Cross

  • Red Cross pins that say "Diversity, Value, Respect"

The American Red Cross values the diversity of its workforce, its suppliers, and its partners. We recognize the power of harnessing collective similarities and differences that help equip our organization and its people to deliver on the Red Cross mission of service in a manner that is both sensitive and culturally competent.

We demonstrate our commitment to diversity by being open and inclusive, and we leverage the strength found in the rich diversity we foster both internally and beyond our doors. Our inclusive culture extends to valuing diversity of thought, backgrounds, experiences and culture. This allows us to work locally with others across the country to develop and deliver lifesaving services to the diverse communities we serve. Our efforts are strengthened through guidance provided by a collection of external national diversity-thought leaders who comprise our National Diversity Advisory Council.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Mission

The American Red Cross will consistently deliver its products, goods, and services in a cultural competent manner.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Vision:

The American Red Cross aspires to be an organization fully committed to diversity and inclusion by creating and maintaining a diverse, high-performing workforce of employees and volunteers who reflect all communities we serve; by cultivating a collaborative, inclusive and respectful work environment that empowers all contributors; and by leveraging diverse partnerships – all of which helps to ensure culturally competent service delivery supported by effective community leadership and engagement.