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Office of Diversity & Inclusion Services

From Our Staff to How We Do Business, Diversity Matters at the Red Cross


The American Red Cross values the diversity of its workforce, its suppliers, and its partners. We recognize the power of harnessing collective similarities and differences that help equip our organization and its people to deliver on the Red Cross mission of service in a manner that is both sensitive and culturally competent.

We demonstrate our commitment to diversity by being open and inclusive, and we leverage the strength found in the rich diversity we foster both internally and beyond our doors. Our inclusive culture extends to valuing diversity of thought, backgrounds, experiences and culture. This allows us to work locally with others across the country to develop and deliver lifesaving services to the diverse communities we serve. Our efforts are strengthened through guidance provided by a collection of external national diversity-thought leaders who comprise our National Diversity Advisory Council.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Mission:

The American Red Cross will consistently deliver its products, goods, and services in a cultural competent manner.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Vision:

The American Red Cross aspires to be an organization fully committed to diversity and inclusion by creating and maintaining a diverse, high-performing workforce of employees and volunteers who reflect all communities we serve; by cultivating a collaborative, inclusive and respectful work environment that empowers all contributors; and by leveraging diverse partnerships – all of which helps to ensure culturally competent service delivery supported by effective community leadership and engagement.

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Commitment From the Top

I am honored and humbled to have been named President and CEO of the American Red Cross at this time in its history. The Red Cross has provided humanitarian assistance, guided under the principles of humanity, impartiality and universality, in a caring and inclusive manner for 125 years, and I am personally committed to sustaining this tradition. To fulfill our mission, we must ensure that our great organization represents and involves the diverse populations we serve.

It is imperative that all Red Cross business units and lines of business, including chapters and Blood Services regions across the country, actively engage diverse members of the communities they serve so that our products and services are developed and delivered in a culturally sensitive and appropriate manner. For us to remain the trusted and recognized leader in helping communities deal with emergencies and disasters, our Red Cross family must include people from all walks of life, advising and assisting us in all that we do. That includes our employees and volunteers, donors, partners and suppliers.

I am asking every member of the Red Cross team to practice inclusive behaviors in the daily performance of their jobs. Our mandate is not to help some in our nation – but make sure all in our nation are cared for. All people should feel comfortable coming to the Red Cross in times of need.

As the Chairman of the Board of Governors, I am enormously grateful for the opportunity to serve the American public through the work of this great organization. For 125 years, the American Red Cross has worked tirelessly to respond to the needs of all Americans, from all walks of life, in all circumstances. I am committed to sustaining that legacy of service.

Our ability to accomplish our mission and meet our commitment to service will undoubtedly be tested by the many challenges, known and unknown, confronting our nation today. Acts of terrorism and the threat of mass casualty disasters, an economy struggling to regain positive growth, and the ever-changing face of the communities that we are called upon to serve, will require the best from all who seek to join us as volunteer, employee, blood donor, or financial donor.

America's great diversity is a natural resource that differentiates us from all other societies in the world today. The Red Cross strives to integrate that diversity into all facets of its operation, and the Board of Governors has made diversity a standing item on its governance agenda. Under my chairmanship, diversity will be a key consideration across the range of issues that fall within our purview. We must ensure that all Americans, from all communities, have the opportunity to participate in the critical mission of the Red Cross.

Supplier Diversity

The Supplier Diversity Program (SDP) of the Red Cross is designed to strengthen our organization and our communities by proactively seeking women, minorities, disabled veterans, veterans and business enterprise suppliers (WMDVBE) who represent the communities we serve. By providing equitable opportunities for women, veterans, disabled and minority suppliers, Red Cross derives multiple benefits. Not only do we contribute to the economic vitality of the communities we serve but also our organization benefits directly from a broader selection of competitively priced goods and services.

The SDP is integrated as part of our Supply Management (SM) team's daily business activities. Through the program, our Category Leaders and Business units are able to build relationships with WMDVBE suppliers and facilitate access to bid and contract opportunities through a combination of:

  • Advocacy - Internally, the Supplier Diversity team works to ensure that diverse suppliers gain visibility and have 100% inclusion in all sourcing, contracting, and procurement decisions made by SCM.
  • Outreach - Our team actively seeks to establish relationships with diverse suppliers through business networking, business fairs, matchmaker sessions, supplier diversity workshops, electronic and print communications, and participation in supplier events nationwide.
  • Certification Support - We encourage and direct suppliers to gain certification of their WMDVBE or small business status from National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), Women’s Business Enterprise Council (WBENC), National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA) and System for Award Management (SAM).
  • Mentoring - The Supplier Diversity team advises and guides diverse suppliers to prepare and position their businesses for maximum access to bid and contract opportunities with the Red Cross.
  • Referral - Our team actively communicates with WMDVBE’s by referring relevant Requests for Proposal and other potential business leads.
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    Have Questions?

    For additional information, please contact the Sr. Supplier Diversity Manager

    Our supplier diversity process provides WMDVBE an opportunity to compete and participate in Red Cross procurement activities. While developing and promoting mutually beneficial relationships between our organization and suppliers, we are able to fulfill Red Cross operational requirements/needs at best quality and value.

    An “Enterprise” is any business which fulfills the definition of Minority-Owned Business, Woman-Owned Business, Disabled Veteran-Owned Business, and Disabled-Owned Business. Enterprises must be certified by an acceptable agency, including without limitation, the Small Business Administration, the NMSDC Affiliated Council, or the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (“Agency”), etc.

  • “Minority Group” — African Americans, Latino Americans, Native Americans (American Indians, Eskimos, Aleuts, and native Hawaiians), Asian-Pacific Americans, and other minority groups as recognized by the United States Small Business Administration Office of Minority Small Business and Capital Ownership Development.
  • “Minority-Owned Business Enterprise” — a “for profit” enterprise, regardless of size, physically located in the United States or its trust territories, which is at least fifty-one (51%) percent owned, operated and controlled, by one or more member(s) of a Minority Group who maintain United States citizenship.
  • “Woman-Owned Business Enterprise” — a “for profit” enterprise, regardless of size, located in the United States or its trust territories, which is at least fifty-one (51%) percent owned, operated and controlled by a female of United States citizenship.
  • “Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Enterprise” — a “for profit” enterprise, regardless of size, located in the United States or its trust territories, which is at least fifty-one (51%) percent owned, operated, and controlled by a disabled veteran. The disabled veteran's ownership and control shall be real and continuing and not created solely to take advantage of special or set aside programs aimed at supplier diversity. The Association of Service Disabled Veterans/National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA) -, provides certification for this category of business owners throughout the United States.
  • “Disabled-Owned Business Enterprise” — a “for profit” enterprise, regardless of size, located in the United States or its trust territories, which is at least fifty-one (51%) percent owned, operated and controlled, by an individual of United States citizenship with a permanent mental or physical impairment that substantially limits one or more of the major life activities and which has a significant negative impact upon the company's ability to successfully compete. The ownership and control shall be real and continuing and not created solely to take advantage of special or set aside programs aimed at supplier diversity. Due to the absence of a certifying agency for this category of business owners, the Disabled-Owned Business Enterprise must complete an affidavit and provide supporting documentation to be eligible for consideration towards diverse supplier participation.
  • "1st Tier Supplier" — Primary contractor/supplier engaged in direct business with the American Red Cross.
  • "2nd Tier Supplier" — Sub contractor/supplier engaged in indirect business with the American Red Cross.
  • If your organization has never registered as a supplier with the Red Cross and you would like your organization to be considered in furture sourcing opportunities, please follow the instructions below to register.

    If you have registered previously with the Red Cross your company profile has been migrated to the new portal. To ensure that your supplier information is correct and up to date, please review your existing profile using the instructions below.

    1. Go to the Red Cross Supplier Portal

    2. Create your log-in credentials by clicking "Sign Up" or "Need an Account"

    3. Search for your company name on the Search Companies page

    4. Review and/or update your company profile including your current diversity certification

    5. Click "Update Profile" once finished

    If you have any questions about the new portal, please contact Red Cross Supplier Portal Support. Learn More.

    Helpful Hint: We have recently changes the supplier registration process. If you experience problems while registering or need further guidance, please contact Red Cross Supplier Portal Support. We will respond to your inquiry within twenty-four hours.

    The American Red Cross Tier 2 Program exists to maximize opportunities for minority-owned, woman-owned, or veteran-owned business enterprises (WMDVBE) to participate as suppliers of products and services to the Red Cross. The Tier 2 Program serves as an enhancement to, and not as a replacement for, existing efforts aimed at increasing meaningful opportunities for WMDVBE.

    Tier 2 Reporting -
    Tier 2 purchasing is a relative term in that it is a function of who is the customer. From the Red Cross perspective, a Tier 1 supplier is a supplier that invoices the Red Cross for goods and services rendered directly by that supplier (Tier 1). A Tier 2 supplier (referencing the customer) is a supplier that invoices the Tier 1 supplier for goods and services rendered.

    Tier 1 suppliers must report the amount of money spent on behalf of the Red Cross (Tier 2 direct) with WMDVBE. When direct subcontracting to diverse businesses is not practical, suppliers will allocate and report their overall diverse subcontractor costs (Tier 2 indirect).

    DIRECT SPEND: Purchases that directly support Red Cross business needs. These purchases must be able to be directly traced back to a specific contract or purchase order associated with a diverse supplier.

    INDIRECT SPEND: Spend contracted with diverse suppliers which has been prorated based on supplier sales and/or percentage of a supplier's total revenue. Use this reporting method when you cannot trace WMDVBE expenditures to a specific Red Cross requirement.

    Note: The Red Cross utilizes the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) approved calculation to get this amount.

    The Red Cross has partnered with, ConnXus Inc., to host our online tier 2 reporting system called, TierTracker®. This system supports and enables our prime suppliers to report tier 2 spend via a single web portal. TierTracker® provides an extremely efficient method of capturing, analyzing, and consolidating diverse spend via a single, user-friendly web portal.

    Tier 2 Fiscal Year Reporting Schedule
    The Red Cross must receive your report by the 15th business day of the month that follows the end of each quarter, as illustrated in the following table.


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    Have Questions?

    For additional information, please contact our Senior Supplier Diversity Manager

    National Diversity Advisory Council

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    The National Diversity Advisory Council is appointed by the Governance and Board Development Committee of the Board of Governors of the American National Red Cross. The purpose of the Council is to advise the Board, the President & CEO and the Chief Diversity Officer of our organization on relevant strategic issues brought before the Council related to diversity and inclusiveness and to foster exemplary diversity initiatives and partnerships at the Red Cross.

    Each quarter, the National Diversity Advisory Council gathers in person at the Red Cross National Headquarters to discuss diversity initiatives and review progress.

    Council Members

  • Yun Jung Yang, Council Chair - Law Offices of Yun Jung Yang
  • Bishop Shelton Bady, Council Vice Chair - CEO – Harvest Time Church
  • Sharif Aly - CEO – Islamic Relief USA
  • Chauncey (Skip) Batchelor - Division Disaster Volunteer – American Red Cross North Central Division
  • Celia Clifford - Vice President, Field Quality Assurance – Biomedical Services - American Red Cross
  • Thomas Foley, J.D. - Deputy Director – World Institute on Disability
  • Ralph Lee, Jr. - Vice President, Human Resources – Total Quality Logistics
  • Salvador (Sal) Mendoza - Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion – NBCUniversal
  • Christopher Metzler, PhD - President/CEO & Chief Innovator – FHW
  • Jayzen Patria - Executive Development & Diversity Consultant – Jayzen Patria Consulting
  • Roberto Quinones - Independent Consulting
  • Casandra R. Singleton-Alomar - Diversity & Inclusion Compliance Specialist – Federal Reserve System
  • Lisa Tatum - Senior Manager, Disaster Preparedness – Volunteer Now
  • Micaela Vargas - Director of Policy – Cook County Government, Board of Commissioners
  • Edward Yip - President – Three5Eight Consulting LLC
  • Bryan Solis - Chair – Red Cross National Youth Council