Commitment from the Top

Personal Commitment to Diversity

Message from Gail J. McGovern, President and CEO, American Red Cross

I am honored and humbled to have been named President and CEO of the American Red Cross at this time in its history. The Red Cross has provided humanitarian assistance, guided under the principles of humanity, impartiality and universality, in a caring and inclusive manner for 125 years, and I am personally committed to sustaining this tradition. To fulfill our mission, we must ensure that our great organization represents and involves the diverse populations we serve.

It is imperative that all Red Cross business units and lines of business, including chapters and Blood Services regions across the country, actively engage diverse members of the communities they serve so that our products and services are developed and delivered in a culturally sensitive and appropriate manner. For us to remain the trusted and recognized leader in helping communities deal with emergencies and disasters, our Red Cross family must include people from all walks of life, advising and assisting us in all that we do. That includes our employees and volunteers, donors, partners and suppliers.

I am asking every member of the Red Cross team to practice inclusive behaviors in the daily performance of their jobs. Our mandate is not to help some in our nation – but make sure all in our nation are cared for. All people should feel comfortable coming to the Red Cross in times of need.

From the American Red Cross Chairman, Bonnie McElveen-Hunter

As the Chairman of the Board of Governors, I am enormously grateful for the opportunity to serve the American public through the work of this great organization. For 125 years, the American Red Cross has worked tirelessly to respond to the needs of all Americans, from all walks of life, in all circumstances. I am committed to sustaining that legacy of service.

Our ability to accomplish our mission and meet our commitment to service will undoubtedly be tested by the many challenges, known and unknown, confronting our nation today. Acts of terrorism and the threat of mass casualty disasters, an economy struggling to regain positive growth, and the ever-changing face of the communities that we are called upon to serve, will require the best from all who seek to join us as volunteer, employee, blood donor, or financial donor.

America's great diversity is a natural resource that differentiates us from all other societies in the world today. The Red Cross strives to integrate that diversity into all facets of its operation, and the Board of Governors has made diversity a standing item on its governance agenda. Under my chairmanship, diversity will be a key consideration across the range of issues that fall within our purview. We must ensure that all Americans, from all communities, have the opportunity to participate in the critical mission of the Red Cross.