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The American Red Cross helps families separated by war and disaster every day. Our vital work is made possible by people like you, who know how good it can feel to lend a helping hand.


Support International Disaster Relief

The most common way the American Red Cross supports international emergencies is through financial assistance, which is why making a financial donation is the most effective way you can support our international responses. Cash enables the local Red Cross organization in the affected country to identify and address the most immediate needs—such as providing food and water or repairing damaged homes. When used to purchase relief supplies, cash reduces the time and cost of delivery to affected populations. It also stimulates the local economy, which is often undermined by a disaster.


Restoring Family Links

As a volunteer for the Red Cross you can help people living overseas who have been displaced by war or disaster reconnect with family members living in your community. These volunteer opportunities, like most with the Red Cross volunteer opportunities, are arranged through your local Red Cross. You can find your local Red Cross via a link at the top of each page of this website. For more information on volunteer opportunities, please visit Volunteering.

Connect with Us

Become a Digital Advocate

Help us to support the Red Cross cause using social media. Read and share stories with the thousands of people whose lives have intersected with the Red Cross. You can find the Restoring Family Links Program on these places online:
You can also be a digital advocate for the Red Cross.


Red Cross chapters all over the country host a variety of unique and exciting events in order to engage the communities in which we reside. These events build enthusiasm and advocacy, foster collaboration, and offer recognition to the members of the community who help to support the Red Cross in fulfilling our mission. Check out the events below or visit your local chapter site for more about what’s going on in your town.
June 20th is World Refugee Day, an annual commemoration established by the United Nations to recognize refugees and displaced persons for their courage and resilience in the face of conflict and strife.
Days of Commemoration
Throughout the year, days of commemoration exist to recognize, celebrate and remember people and events of the past. These are the days that have particular importance for refugees, displaced people and the missing.