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Here is a collection of videos that pertain to our work around reconnecting families. Please use these as a resource to learn or teach about the importance of supporting families separated by conflict or disaster.

World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day


The Restoring Family Links blog is in support of the work done by the American Red Cross Restoring Family Links program which helps find family members separated by crisis, conflict, or migration. This is a personal blog, so all opinions are those of the author. Entries may contain information about events that support the Restoring Family Links Program, as well as links to stories or information relevant to people who might seek to reconnect to their families.


The RFL Advocate Committee is a national committee under the International Services Department of the American Red Cross. It was formed in 2012 and grew out of a previously established Committee that was focused on supporting Restoring Family Links services for Holocaust survivors. The new Committee has broadened its focus to serve all Restoring Family Links constituents including refugees and immigrants in the United States that have been separated from their family members internationally due to war, disaster, migration and other humanitarian emergencies.


What services does the American Red Cross offer to reconnect famillies?
The American Red Cross (ARC) provides tracing and messaging services. Traces can be initiated in cases where the location of a loved one is unknown. The ARC caseworker will gather the available information and then ARC will work with its international Red Cross and Red Crescent partners to try to locate the sought person. The ARC also provides Red Cross Messaging services. Red Cross Messages can be used to facilitate communication internationally in instances where the sought person’s location is known, but regular means of communication are unavailable.
Who does the Red Cross count as family?
Family is defined broadly by the American Red Cross to account for cultural and personal differences in the way family is defined. Generally, the Red Cross will search for any loved one as long as communication had been established at one point and was then severed by a humanitarian emergency.
Can the Red Cross help bring someone into the United States?
The American Red Cross has no role in bringing persons from other countries to the United States or securing or verifying visas. The American Red Cross can only provide information and referral services.