Dee Dixon's Red Cross Story

Dee Dixon and her daughter donated blood at the American Red Cross.

“When I first volunteered for the Sound the Alarm program, I remember a Korean family allowing us to enter their home. They spoke no English. But I was wearing a Red Cross shirt and vest and it seemed like our universal symbol of help and hope spoke for me.”

Since joining the organization in 2017, Dee Dixon, now serving as the Regional Executive in Georgia, has witnessed the collective power of the Red Cross—in times of disaster, through the power of blood, and beyond.

Dee carries the sickle cell trait and is grateful she learned she could donate blood. “We can make a difference just by donating blood, said Dee. “It truly is a lifesaving effort. It is so important to educate others on how giving blood can impact the lives of those living with sickle cell disease.”

One of Dee’s favorite Red Cross memories (pictured here) is one she shares with her daughter Kyra, who also carries the sickle cell trait. Dee and Kyra educated themselves on the impact they could make in their community and decided to make their first blood donations together. “We are now challenging each other to see who can give more blood by the end of the calendar year—and I’m currently in the lead,” said Dee.

Under Dee’s leadership at the Red Cross, the Georgia Region has emerged as one of the leaders in our Sickle Cell Initiative. Dee has influenced the region’s Tiffany Circle, a community of women committed to advancing the Red Cross mission through gifts of time, talent, and treasure, to serve as partners in this initiative. As a part of a national effort, the region has focused efforts locally to raise awareness about the health disparities associated with the disease and are partnering with community organizations to increase blood donations from individuals who are Black to help ensure closely matched blood products are available for patients with sickle cell disease.

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Dee currently serves as a thought partner to the Tiffany Circle National Council on topics of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Learn more about the Tiffany Circle here »

Dee Dixon and her daughter during a blood donation