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Campaign Social Information

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    Timeframe: Year-round with "bursts" in April and October 2017 and January 2018

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    Hashtags: #EndHomeFires #RedCross

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    Red Cross Website:

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    Red Cross Twitter: @RedCross

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    Red Cross Facebook:

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    Instagram Handle: @americanredcross

Sample Social Media Posts & Tips

Sample Messaging

Tweet #1: Join us as we Sound the Alarm with the #RedCross to install free smoke alarms. Sign up here: #EndHomeFires

Tweet #2: Sound the Alarm with us on [Event Date] to install free smoke alarms: #EndHomeFires

Tweet #3: Why are smoke alarms important? Here’s how they helped save this family: #EndHomeFires

Tweet #4: Tips like these can help prevent home fires. Learn more from our partner @RedCross: #EndHomeFires

Facebook Post #1: Seven times a day, someone in this country dies in a home fire. Countless others suffer injuries. We’re joining the American Red Cross to Sound the Alarm and combat these tragic statistics. Learn more: #EndHomeFires

Facebook Post #2: Want to make an impact in the community? Join us on [Event Date] as we Sound the Alarm to install free smoke alarms. Together we can help save lives: #EndHomeFires

Facebook Post #3: Smoke alarms can help to save lives! Watch how American Red Cross, and their partners, helped save this family: #EndHomefires

Facebook Post #4: Tips like these can help your family prevent a home fire. Learn more from our partner, the American Red Cross: #EndHomeFires

Create a social campaign. Consider leveraging your social channels to empower your fans and followers to take action – and share that action – in support of the Red Cross. For example, during October, promote a home fire safety tip, and offer to provide a dollar match for every time the post is shared or re-tweeted. Be sure to work with your Red Cross relationship manager to execute the proper agreement for a social fundraising campaign.

Ways to Amplify on Social

Share Red Cross posts. Have your company’s social team follow the #EndHomeFires hashtag that the American Red Cross will be using throughout the campaign, and follow the Red Cross social networking sites. Retweet or share any relevant posts from these accounts, and be sure to tag us when sharing your company’s participation.

Post your own fire safety messages. Feature your own home fire safety posts on your company’s social media platforms including the #EndHomeFires and #RedCross hashtags. Refer to the suggested posts and access visuals to accompany. Feel free to customize the posts to your corporate voice and personalize your posts. Why does your company support the Red Cross? Do you have stories from employees or customers who’ve been helped by the Red Cross after a home fire that you could share (with their permission)?

Continue to learn about how your organization can support fire safety.