Global Refugee Simulation & Conference - March 29-30

Visit for the conference live-stream, March 30, 10 am-2 pm EST.

Saturday, March 29

The Red Cross will host a realistic, six hour refugee simulation, intended to educate participants about the challenges that refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) endure. Participants will work in groups simulating families and together will have to escape a war zone, traverse minefields, cross a patrolled border, and find accommodation in a refugee camp that will require securing food, seeking medical attention, and building a shelter, all while staying within assigned roles.

For those of you who have registered, please click for participant information.

Digital Conference

On Sunday March 30th from 10:00am-2:00pm EST, experts from government, academia, international agencies and non-profits will discuss and debate the most pertinent issues related to refugee crises.

Please go to on March 30th to view the conference live-stream. To ask a question or join the conversation, tweet @GRSC2014 #GRSC or tag “American Red Cross Global Refugee Simulation & Conference” in a post with your question.

Please click here for the list of expert speakers, conference schedule and information on how to participate.

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