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Humanity in War

Educating the American public on the rules of war

Introduction to International Humanitarian Law

Upcoming International Humanitarian Law Trainings

All trainings are hosted at our National Headquarters in Washington, D.C. Use the links below to register.
Professional Training Courses

A free, one day course to train policy professionals, government officials, academics, and the general public on the fundamental principles of international humanitarian law.

Through a hands-on approach, using group activities, class discussion and compelling multimedia, this course prepares participants to recognize key concepts in international humanitarian law, including:

  • The Types of Armed Conflict
  • The Geneva Conventions and Additional Protocols
  • Fundamental Principles and Protections for Persons and Objects
  • Distinction Between Combatants and Civilians
  • Civilian Direct Participation in Hostilities
  • Role of the Red Cross and Other Humanitarian Organizations in Armed Conflict
  • Upcoming Trainings

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  • Learn More About International Humanitarian Law