Exploration 5C: Extension Activities

Documents: What Can You Learn From Them?

Registration card:

Examine the registration card for prisoners.

  • Why does the form ask for each piece of information?
  • Who will use the information, when and why?

Red Cross message form:

Make a copy of the message form. Fill it out as a prisoner might.

Write a story that begins with another person receiving that card and ends with three different people being affected by the card that day.

“This small piece of paper has unbelievable power because it is the bridge between those who suffer because of war and their loved ones somewhere else who are also suffering because they have no idea what is happening to their family members.”

- Red Cross tracing delegate

Art Project

It is hard for the ICRC to assess the true impact of its visits to people deprived of their freedom; it would also be difficult to say how things might have been if the ICRC had been unable to operate in some situation or another.

Read the following text. Translate the words of Nelson Mandela into an art form of your choice.

What matters is not only the good the ICRC brings, but even more the bad it prevents.

- Nelson Mandela (Registration No. 220/82, Robben Island Prison, 1962-1990)

What are the Difficulties a Prisoner Might Face After Release?

Using material from “Through the eyes of prisoners”, write a scene for a play about life after release from prison. A central figure in your scene will be someone who was detained for several years because of armed conflict.

Dramatize your scene.