Exploring Humanitarian Law (EHL) is a teacher curriculum produced by the International Committee of the Red Cross in association with the Education Development Center and in collaboration with the American Red Cross. The EHL curriculum meets the National Social Studies Standards for high school and it is integrated as part of basic education in secondary school curricula across the world.

The primary intention of EHL is to help young people embrace the principles of humanity in their daily lives and in the way they assess events at home and abroad. In particular, outcomes should take account of positive changes in levels of:

  • Awareness of limits and of various forms of protection applicable to situations of armed conflict
  • Understanding of the multiple aspects of International Humanitarian Law, the complexity of its application and of humanitarian issues
  • Interest in international current events and humanitarian action
  • Capacity to view conflict situations at home and abroad from a humanitarian perspective;
  • Active involvement in community service or other forms of engagement in favor of the most vulnerable members of society.