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November/December 2012 EHL Newsletter Excerpt

"I teach political science to undergraduate and graduate students and incorporate Exploring Humanitarian Law into Peace Studies, International Relations, and International Law. EHL provides a plethora of resources, including lesson plans, current events, videos, case studies and exercises. The free on-line, updated, well-organized and professionally designed resources save me a great deal of time and are as valuable for university educators as for secondary school or community colleges – presenting multiple perspectives, building analytical skills and highlighting real-world applicability of a university education.

Last year I assigned Henry Dunant’s memoir A Memory of Solferino and readings about the Westphalian state system and the rise of non-governmental organizations. Students watched the animation, discussed Solferino and the evolution of the ICRC giving a human dimension. My students came alive during class discussion!"

– Michaelene Cox, Associate Professor – Politics and Government, Illinois State University

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