Here is a small collection of videos that pertain to international humanitarian law. Please use these as a resource to learn or teach about the importance of creating rules to limit the dangers of armed conflict.

The Story of an Idea

“This film, combining colourful animation with recent images, brings to life the history of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement from Henry Dunant and the Battle of Solferino through to today. The film explains the meaning of the Geneva Conventions, the universal humanitarian principles underlying the Movement's efforts and the general activities carried out by the different components, the ICRC, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the National Societies, as they work together to help those in need.” – International Committee of the Red Cross

Words of Warriors

“In this film, people who have gone to war against their governments speak frankly about what they did, their knowledge of and respect for the laws of war, and their view of the ICRC's work. Whether in southern Sudan, El Salvador, the Philippines or the Congo, these accounts all send the same message: war can be won without looting, raping or killing innocent people. Everyone engaged in combat, including non-State armed groups, is bound by the laws of war. The ICRC helps the armed forces of many countries to meet their legal obligations. The film shows what the organization is doing to strengthen its working relationships with non-State armed groups.” – International Committee of the Red Cross

IHL: One World, One Movement

This video describes the origins, development, and mission of the international Red Cross / Red Crescent network. From Henry Dunant to present day, the Red Cross / Red Crescent network, guided by 7 fundamental principles, provides assistance to victims of natural disaster and armed conflict wherever they may be found.