Exploration 1B: Extension Activities

History and Culture

Write about a humanitarian act you know of (from your own experience or from films, the radio, television, your reading, history or events in your region or country, or something that you learned by interviewing someone).
  • Students have cited examples such as the legend of Salah El Din curing Richard the Lionheart and the 20th-century story of Oskar Schindler.


Use newspapers, the radio and television to find stories of humanitarian acts. Gather all the stories you have found and make a scrapbook or wall display.

Write summaries of the stories you find, giving the date and the location of the humanitarian act, and also your media source.

Analyse the humanitarian act on the basis of these three characteristics:

  • Protecting life or human dignity
  • Usually done for someone whom you may not know or whom you would not ordinarily be inclined to help or protect
  • Likely to involve personal risk or loss