Exploration 2B: Extension Activities

Finding stories in literature, traditions and popular culture

Reflect on a popular or familiar story about someone involved in a struggle – a story told by your family or in your community.

It may be something you have seen in the cinema or in the theatre or on television, or heard on the radio. It can be a story of any kind – a fable, a legend, a religious parable, historical fact or a novel.

  • Were the characters in your story guided by rules of conduct that told them what they may or may not do while fighting?
  • Did they abide by the rules? What effect did following the rules (or breaking them) have?
  • Choose one of the examples from “Codes and traditions of warfare” for further research.


Find out when and where that rule was created. See what you can find out about who created the rule and the circumstances surrounding its introduction.


Select a war that was taking place during the period and in the setting of one of the examples from “Codes and traditions of warfare.” Study the situation (using books, the Internet, films, etc.). Look for evidence of fighters who followed the rules and of those who violated them. Decide for yourself what influence the rules had on that time and in that place.