Exploration 2E: Extension Activities

Reflection and Essay

Look again at the question and answers you wrote about the photo and what you wrote in response to the statement at the beginning of this exploration. What do you think now? Write an essay in response to the opening statement.


  • Find examples of the use of guns from your culture (in photos, movies, songs, etc.).
  • What roles do weapons play in different cultures? Why might young people carry or own weapons?
  • How can their allure to young people be lessened?


Debate the following question:
  • Should weapons be treated as simply another type of commercial commodity to be governed by the laws of supply and demand?


Project 1: How are young people affected by small arms?

Statistics show that young people, particularly young men, are among the primary victims as well as the primary perpetrators of armed violence.

  • What, according to researchers, are some of the reasons for this?
  • What could be done to address this situation?
  • What are the differences in the ways that girls and boys are affected by armed violence?
  • How do girls and boys in your area regard the use of guns and what, according to them should be done about gun violence?

Conduct a poll or series of interviews to find out.

Project 2: Are the unregulated availability of arms and armed violence problems in the area where you live?

  • What are the effects? Which groups are at risk from this violence and how are they affected?
  • Are these problems in your area? Why? Why not?
  • What could be done to reduce these problems in your area?