Exploration 5E: Extension Activities

Neutrality and Impartiality Around You

Discuss how a principle such as neutrality differs when applied in everyday situations. (Most of the time we need to take side. Think only about the political involvement of citizens that is somehow incompatible with neutrality.)

Find a story from history, religion or literature in which being neutral (or not being neutral) mattered.

Or write an essay exploring why we become angry when we suspect someone in authority is not being impartial in how he or she treats people.

You Are There – Dilemmas

Imagine you are a humanitarian worker in one of the situations provided in this activity (or a situation inspired by them).

In small groups, role-play one of the following situations:

  • An argument over what to do when faced with the problem
  • A press interview in which your decisions are criticized
  • Responding to complaints from dissatisfied refugees or co-workers

In one class, learners imagined and dramatized an aid worker at the gate of a refugee camp. He is faced with a family that wants to enter but fears enemies inside the camp. The father insists he has to keep his gun to protect his sick wife and baby. The family is also terrified of becoming separated.

After they acted out the scenario, the class discussed the principles the aid worker had to consider and whether some principles conflicted with others in this situation.