American Civil War

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Armenian Genocide

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Cambodian Genocide

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Child Soldiers

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    See also: Darfur, Sudan and Sierra Leone

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Chinese “Cultural Revolution”

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Darfur, Sudan

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    See also: War Crimes, WWII and the Holocaust, Armenian Genocide, Cambodian Genocide, Rwandan Genocide and Former Yugoslavia

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Humanitarian Action/Aid

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Humanitarian Military Intervention

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International Humanitarian Law

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Iranian Revolution

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Korean War

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Peace, Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention

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    See also: War Crimes and Humanitarian Intervention

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Red Cross

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Rwandan Genocide

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Second Iraq War

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    See also: “War on Terror”

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Sierra Leone

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Social Responsibility

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South African Apartheid

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The former Yugoslavia

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Vietnam War

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War crimes

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War in Afghanistan

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    See also: “War on Terror”

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"War on Terror"

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    See also: Iraq and Afghanistan

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Weapons and Technology

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WWII and the Holocaust

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    See also: War Crimes

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