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Haiti earthquake response: Teaching about natural disaster

How can we help young people to understand the complexities involved in responding to the devastation that has occurred in Haiti?

The focus of Module 5 is to assess the devastation caused by war or natural disaster and the effort needed to respond to it. In Exploration 5A and 5B students explore how war or disaster can disrupt the normal supports of life; they become aware of the scope of humanitarian action needed to reduce the suffering and how war or disaster results in tremendous losses in terms of resources. They learn that a coordinated effort by many humanitarian agencies is required. Students engage in an activity to plan a camp for displaced persons to help them grasp the scale of the effort required to restore ordinary supports of life. They take on the role of humanitarian workers, estimating the many needs – biological (water, food, shelter, medical care, etc.), as well as social and psychological needs. They allot tasks and make plans for getting supplies in a coordinated manner.

Exploration 5D focuses on the plight of families separated by war or natural disaster and without any news of loved ones. What is needed to restore family links? And in Exploration 5E, students learn about the ethics of humanitarian action, how humanitarian workers may sometimes face dilemmas in performing their work, and that all humanitarian organizations have codes of conduct that include working principles.

Access free, downloadable leesson plans in Module 5.

For students: See what actions youth are taking and get ideas on how you can make a difference.

Photos from Haiti: Please check out the American Red Cross Flickr site for some powerful photos of the relief operations taking place in Haiti.

Current Updates: Please check the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the International Committee of the Red Cross to find up to date reports on the global Red Cross response to the earthquake in Haiti.