JROTC IHL Youth Action Campaign Competition Rules

  1. Teams formed from groups of JROTC cadets must register as a team through this American Red Cross (hereinafter Red Cross) portal. By completing registration in this portal, all teams are certifying that as a team, and as individuals, they have obtained the permission of JROTC leadership and school officials at their respective schools, and of their parents/ guardians. An adult coach must complete the registration for the team and is responsible for managing the team’s activities according to guidelines found in the Coach’s JROTC IHL Youth Action Campaign (YAC) Competition manual. By registering, the coach and team agree to participate in the program for the current academic year. Any team wishing to compete in a subsequent year must complete a new registration at the appropriate time of the subsequent competition.
  2. All team members will complete the Red Cross’s IHL Youth Action Campaign Training in its entirety. Alterations to the material must be approved in advance by the Red Cross. Failure to comply with this requirement may disqualify a team from the competition.
  3. Individual schools, JROTC, and the Red Cross may have different rules and regulations related to how teams’ public awareness campaigns can be designed and implemented. By registering, each team agrees that they will comply with all rules and regulations related to campaign activities and content of their school, JROTC, and the Red Cross.
  4. Teams must report their campaign’s in-person and online reach as defined in the YAC Handbook for JROTC Cadets accurately and regularly throughout the program, to the best of their ability. Reporting statistics that are inconsistent with the reporting requirements as defined in the YAC Handbook for JROTC Cades may result in disqualification from the competition.
  5. The current competition will conclude on April 1. Teams must conclude the campaign activities and submit their final projects by April 1 to be eligible for the competition.
  6. The competition will have one winner for each of the eight Red Cross Divisions, provided there is at least one entry for a Division. All teams will be evaluated based on the number of in-person and online contacts a team’s campaign reached. The five teams with the greatest reach in a Red Cross Division will then be judged by the Red Cross based on the quality of their campaigns as exemplified in their final campaign projects, and a Division winner will be selected. Division winners will be presented with an award to be determined by the Red Cross and considered for selection as the national winner.
  7. The competition will have one national winner that will be selected by the Red Cross from among the eight division winners. The Red Cross will choose the national winner based upon quantitative and qualitative criteria including reach, quality and effectiveness of the teams’ campaigns. The national winner will receive an award to be determined by the Red Cross and will have the opportunity to send five cadets from the winning team to the IHL Youth Action Campaign Summit at Red Cross expense (transportation, lodging and some meals).
  8. By registering a team and competing in the IHL Youth Action Campaign competition, teams acknowledge and agree that all documents, presentations, photos, and videos produced in conjunction with the campaign activities (“Campaign Materials”) are subject to American Red Cross publication and use for the promotion of the program. Teams will only submit Campaign Materials that they have authored and agree to submit as Campaign Materials which can be used by the Red Cross.