Laerdal The Bag II Disposable BVM Resuscitator, Adult, #4 Mask. Laerdal The Bag II Disposable BVM Resuscitator, Adult, #4 Mask. Laerdal The Bag II Disposable BVM Resuscitator, Adult, #4 Mask.

Laerdal The Bag II Disposable BVM Resuscitator, Adult, #4 Mask

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Laerdal BAG II Disposable BVM (Bag Valve Mask) Resuscitator for Adult, with #4 Mask.
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The yellow PVC ventilation bag is see-through and has an ergonomic construction. This ergonomic construction provides an excellent feel of lung compliance that helps avoid excessive ventilation which could damage the lungs. The BAG II also comes with an adjustable handle, to strap rescuer's hand to the ventilation bag for user comfort, reduced hand fatigue and controlled ventilations.

Contents include:
  • 1 - Adult Bag II Resuscitator
  • 1 - #4 Adult Mask
  • 1 - Universal Star- Lumen Oxygen Tubing
  • 1 - Oxygen Reservoir Bag

Technical Specifications:
CE marked. This product is in compliance with the essential requirements of Council Directive 93/42/EEC as amended by Council Directive 2007/47/EC. Material: PVC, PC, SI, Polypropylene. 35 cm Pop Off available for Child & Infant models. Does not contain latex. Patient Valve Dead Space: 6.8 ml. Inspiratory Resistance: 1.5 cmH2O @ 50 LPM. Expiratory Resistance: 1.8 cmH2O @ 50 LPM. Storage Environmental Temperature Limits:40 C to +60 C. Operating Environmental Temperature Limits:18 C to +50 C.



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