Lifeguarding Instructor's Deck Book front cover. Lifeguarding Instructor's Deck Book front cover. Lifeguarding Instructor's Deck Book front cover.

Lifeguarding Instructor's Deck Book

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The deck book is a waterproof, tear-proof, full color resource for teaching lessons of the Lifeguarding courses on the pool deck or in a wet environment.
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2 - 5 units - $33.50 each
6 - 10 units - $32.00 each
11 + units - $30.50 each
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The Lifeguarding Instructor’s Deck Book provides an additional (optional) instructor resource for teaching the lesson topics of a Lifeguarding course that are conducted on the pool deck, waterfront, or other “wet” environments. The pages of this manual are waterproof and tearproof and include the lesson plans from the Lifeguarding Instructor’s Manual for all pool deck and water-based skills and scenarios taught outside of the classroom environment.

The Lifeguarding Instructor’s Deck Book includes only the lesson plans for:
  • Water Rescue Skill Practices
  • Skill Drills
  • Deck Activities
  • Putting It All Together Activities
  • Multiple-Rescuer Team Response Scenarios

With full-color illustrations, it is printed on waterproof/tear-proof synthetic paper to prevent damage in the aquatic environment. It can be used in place of the instructor’s manual for teaching those lessons while on deck or waterfront. The deck book also includes photo support with the skill sheets accompanying those lessons.

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    February 1, 2024

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